TGC WORLD GROUP comprises of professional and reputable firms based in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and United Kingdom. We are committed to the delivery of quality goods and services by utilizing proven approaches that are customized to meet clients’ specific demands, through our esteemed TGC World Group corporate members.


Our Vision
TGC World Group’s vision is to become the one stop service hub for Business and Customer solutions with leading quality goods and services.

Our Offer

  • Commodities: Salt, Snacks, Bond Paper, Mealie Meal, Grains, Cement, etc
  • Physical Safety Services
  • Transport Services
  • Management & Corporate Integration Services
  • Accommodation
  • International Marketing & Distribution

Our Mission

TGC World Group’s mission is to assist businesses and clients to achieve their operational goals and accomplishing their objectives by offering value-based strategic and superior quality goods and services

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Production, Corporate Services, Marketing & Distribution

Why Choose Us

"TGC World Group committed to the delivery of quality goods and services "

Experience Skills

Over 4 years of experience

Proffessional & Reputable Firms

We have a pool of professional and reputable companies working with us at TGC to guarantee quality

Low Cost

You dream it, we build it at an affordable price or live your home whilst paying commission

Guarantee Services

Long term Guaranteed services


Your dream is safe with us, just try us and allow dream to come true. TGC World Group is there to lead

High Quality

As we work with business experts, we guarantee you high quality services at TGC

The TGC WORLD GROUP Corporate Members:

  1. Tradelink Global Corporations, South Africa
  2. Ceelpar Holdings, Botswana
  3. Kingship Corporations, Zimbabwe
  4. Rayta Inter Investments, Zimbabwe-UK